Brian Christensen - Finalist for Superintendent of the Year

During the COVID crisis, we all were able to see true leadership emerge in every part of society, but especially in the education arena.  Those educators who already had a history of trust, relationships, and a genuine care for their students, staff and community excelled.  The leaders that emerged continued to positively impact their people and region. While this required more grit, patience and communication than ever before, students in districts with strong leaders benefited and continue to do so.  Great teachers pivoted and gave their best and remained in the districts that they were supported.  Great staff worked harder to support the new virtual environment and willingly did jobs that were beyond their contract.  Communities rallied around their schools in many ways. “Beacon Districts” emerged, and this allowed others to follow an example to best serve all students.  Akron School District is referred to often now as a “Beacon District” and that is due to Mr. Brian Christensen’s leadership! The following is evidence of his courage, dedication to the education profession, rural schools and his people. 

We urge the selection committee to take a “tour” of the Akron School District by scrolling through the Akron Public School Facebook page.  It is with great pride that the school staff and community of Akron, Colorado nominate Mr. Brian Christensen for the Superintendent of the Year Award.

List of Service and Committees

  • BEST Lease-Purchase Grant Refund of Matching Money - Akron, under the charge of Mr. Christensen, was the first school to fight for the return of funds as the total funds allocated to the BEST project was not fully expensed. 
  • President of Northern Colorado Superintendents Council
  • Chairman for Northern Colorado Superintendents Council
  • Northeast BOCES Outstanding Administrator
  • CHSAA Finance Committee/CHSAA Football Committee
  • BEST Health Insurance Board Member
  • Converge Day Treatment Center Board Member
  • Akron Head Start Policy Council Member
  • Driving force in getting Akron SD in the Student Centered Accountability Project (SCAP)

Congratulations Mr. Christensen!  Your School District is proud of you!