A total of 29 credits earned during grades 9-12 are required for graduation. Of the 29 credits, students are required to complete 13 core subjects.

One-half unit of credit is awarded for the successful completion of each semester course.  Successful completion means that the student obtained a passing grade for the course.

The community service hour requirement is 8 hours per year upon enrollment into Akron High School.  Example: If a junior moves to our school system at the beginning of the year they would be required to have 16 hours to graduate; at the beginning of their senior year etc.

A complete listing of specific courses will be listed in the high school curriculum guide, which will be prepared by the guidance counselor and approved by the principal each year.

Required Credits/Courses:

  • Achievement in content standards as demonstrated by mastery of the curriculum which may include, but is not limited to, daily classroom assignments, the Colorado Measures of Academic Success (CMAS), the district assessment program, classroom assessments, and student participation in, and completion of, assigned projects.

  • Completion of 29 credits in grades 9-12 in the prescribed categories listed below.

Graduation Requirements

Credit -  Course Area (Specific Courses)

4 - Language Arts

3 - Mathematics

3 - Science

3 - Social Studies (Required Minimum: Civics)

1 - Physical Education (Required Minimum: P.E. credits may be earned .5 credits per semester class or .25 credits per full season of CHSAA sanctioned sport per year)

2 - Career Tech (Includes Agriculture, Business, Family and Consumer Science, and Building Trades Courses)

2 - Foreign Language, Music or Arts

1 - Community Service of 32 hours (An opportunity to earn a minimum of 8 hours per semester will be provided by the school)

10 Electives of the student's choosing

29 Total Credits

College and Career Readiness

The Colorado State Board of Education has adopted state graduation guidelines that identify college and career readiness measures in English and Math. The Board has selected its own measures from these state graduation guidelines.

Students must complete at least one English measure and one Math measure and meet or exceed the measure’s corresponding cut score or criteria to demonstrate college and career readiness in English and Math. The Board’s approved measures and cut scores are outlined in policy IKF-E, which can be found on the District website.