Akron Knowledge Bowl Team Wins Regionals

Akron High School Knowledge Bowl


Coach:  Denise Pickens



The Akron team travelled to Valley High School in Gilcrest for the Regional State qualifying meet.  Akron belongs to Region 7 which includes front range teams and Northeast Colorado teams. 

The team started with the written round which consists of 60 questions.  The team of Levi Kipp, Cheyenne McGuire, Derrick Poss, and Anthony Dreher participated in this round scoring 39 points.  This placed us in the top 8 out of all classifications.  We then scored 17 points in the first oral round and that placed in the top 4.  Unfortunately, that led us to playing Roosevelt (4A) and Fort Collins (5A).  We struggled a bit that  round but still came away with 8 points.  We then played University (3A) and Frontier Academy (3A) scoring 12 points.  This still kept us in the top 5 teams.  In our last oral round, we played Loveland (5A) and Windsor(4A).  We soundly beat Windsor, but came up short against Loveland.  We scored 13 points that round which led to an overall placing of 6th with 89 points.  There were 24 teams in our region representing all classifications.   We won the 2A division and that qualifies us to the State Knowledge Bowl meet.  The meet will take place March 12-13 in Fort Collins at CSU. The Akron Ram team consists of: 

Levi Kipp, Cheyenne McGuire, Anthony Dreher, Tayler Clarkson, Dawson McMillion, Derrick Poss, Brandy White, Lillian Bjork, Ivonne Lozano, and Grayson Pachner. 

All members were rotated into the oral rounds.