Dear Akron Ram Families,

This morning I was part of a conference call with Governor Polis, Commissioner of Education, Katy Anthes, and Superintendents from around the state.  During this meeting we were informed by the Governor that in-person education will be suspended for the remainder of the 2019-20 school year.  We have been hopeful that we could get students back into the classroom at some point this year but that is not going to happen.  With that guidance, we will continue our emergency alternative form of instruction that we have put in place to finish this school year.  Our principals are working with our staff in their virtual staff meetings this week to plan for the remainder of the year.  The school facilities will remain closed during this time. As far as prom, graduation, weight room use, summer camps, etc.  we are following the guidelines from the governor’s office.  Our senior students are part of our thoughts and plans, and we have reached out to them and their parents for feedback on different possibilities for holding graduation.  If we are able to send students to camps and open the weight room, we will but not until we get the recommendation from the Governor.  We ask that you please remain flexible and understanding as we continue to work through the rest of the year.  Please look for further communications on calendar and end of year events as we move forward in this process. 

We thank you for your engagement and support!

Brian Christensen