March 19, 2020 


Dear Akron School Community: The Governor signed an executive order suspending in-person learning in public and private schools across the state from March 23 to April 17.   

The Coronavirus and subsequent measures to stop it has brought numerous changes and disruption to the lives of many people in our community, state and nation.  In the days, weeks and months ahead it is important that we are patient and understanding with one another, as we are all working to navigate new and different practices that impact how we live our lives. 

Please know that we will be working to develop solid thoughtful plans concerning how we will deliver materials and instruction to our students during the required time away from the building.  Administration and teaching staff will be meeting this coming week to develop the plan. This change in practice will be a new experience for everyone involved: students, parents, teachers, and administrators. Being a new experience, it will likely have challenges and require that we all work together and support one another as we support our students.  

As we face the challenges created by this virus and its impact on our lives, it’s important that we not miss the teachable moments for our young people. It is entirely possible that the best lessons we teach them through all of this may be the life skills. Skills like managing change, being patient, dealing with uncertainty, being flexible, and caring for one another during times of struggle.  

Lastly, we encourage everyone to continue the safe practices and healthy habits that have been recommended by our local, state, and national agencies. 

Additional information will be shared as plans are put into place. Sincerely,


Brian Christensen Superintendent Akron R-1 School District