Staff Evaluation Procedures

On this page, you will find the district’s description of our educator evaluation system.

Educator Effectiveness

The Akron R-1 School District evaluates the performance levels of all teaching and administrative staff as well as guidance counselors by using the adopted State Model of Evaluation. Akron R-1 is meeting all of the required elements of a local evaluation system with the use of the State Model of Evaluation, an example of which can be found below and at the educator effectiveness website https://www.cde.state.co.us/educatoreffectiveness/randa

Local Board Policies

The following local board policies dictate how staff performance/evaluation is handled:

  • BDFA – District Personnel Performance Evaluation Council
  • CBD – Superintendent’s Contract
  • CBI - Evaluation of Superintendent
  • CBI-R – Evaluation of Superintendent Regulation
  • GCO – Evaluation of Licensed Personnel
  • GCO-R – Evaluation of Licensed Personnel Regulation

For a complete list of policies as adopted by the Board of Education, please go to our Board of Education tab and select Board Polices from the drop down menu.