Akron R-1 School District

Where dreams take flight one student at a time



HEAD COACH: Kati Kuntz






OPPONENT                          LOCATION                          DATE/DAY                            TIME


BRUSH                                   BRUSH                                   8/25/2017-FRI                        4:00 PM


*HOLYOKE                           HOLYOKE                             8/29/17-TUE                           4:00 PM


NJC TOURNEY (V, JV)        STERLING                             9/2/2017-SAT                         9:00 AM


*WIGGINS                             WIGGINS                               9/7/17-TH                               4:00 PM


*CALICHE                             CALICHE                               9/14/17-TH.                            4:00 PM


WELDON VALLEY              AKRON                                 9/19/2017-TU                         4:00 PM


AKRON INVITE (V,JV)       AKRON                                 9/23/2017-SAT                       9:00 AM

Otis, Wiggins, Custer Cty, Sargent, Highland


*SEDGCO                             AKRON                                 9/29/17-FRI                            4:00 PM


ARICKAREE/WOODLIN    AKRON                                 10/3/17-TUE                           4:00 PM


*MERINO                              MERINO                                10/6/2017-FRI                           4:00 PM


FLEMING                              FLEMING                              10/12/17 TH.                             4:00 PM


*YUMA                                 YUMA                                   10/14/17 SAT.                           1:00 PM


*WRAY                                  WRAY                                    10/17/17 TUE                         4:00 PM


*HAXTUN                             AKRON                                 10/20/2017-FRI                      4:00 PM







DISTRICT QTRS                2 POOLS OF 3                     10/24/2017 TU            4:00 PM      

                                                               (#1 AND #2 BYES)

DISTRICTS                      SEMIS, 3RD PLACE, FINALS       10/26/2017 TH.         3:00 PM

                                                (@ HIGH SEED)


REGIONALS                      HIGH SEED                          11/4/2017 SAT


STATE TOURNAMENT     DENVER                                11/10-11/2017 FRI-SAT



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